History 1493, Section 10–Prof. Grinberg

This assignment is an original research paper of approximately 2,000 words, or 6-7 pages, double-spaced in 12-point font with one-inch page margins. It calls for you to engage in the essential skills of a historian: defining a research question, gathering evidence, analyzing primary and secondary sources, and developing and articulating an original argument based on your findings. You will need to consult and analyze a minimum of six primary sources and two secondary sources for this research paper.

The entire assignment is worth 260 points. 60 of those points come from small assignments related to the paper; 200 points for the final paper itself. Taken together, this is the most heavily weighted grade item of the course. It is therefore imperative that students complete all of the assignments on time and consult with section leaders and/or the professor about the topic and research. In particular, students should work closely with their section leaders to ensure that they are adhering to the research guidelines for the paper. Please note unauthorized collaboration between students on the assignment is considered inappropriate and will be reported to the Office of Academic Integrity. The final work must be your own.

Unlike the first paper, in which you were given a set of primary sources from the Eric Foner documentary collection Voices of Freedom, for this longer research paper you will need to find your own primary sources using databases provided through http://explorehistory.ou.edu/1493-primary-source-collections/ or the OU’s library webpage devoted to this course: http://guides.ou.edu/post. You will also need to find your own secondary sources at the library or through the library’s electronic resources.

Students should consult the Chicago Manual of Style as they compose footnotes. Helpful guidelines for Chicago-style citations can be found here: http://explorehistory.ou.edu/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/CitationGuide2014.pdf and https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/717/01/.

Important due-dates:

  • Week 7 (March 1-3): Research topic and question, and preliminary list of primary sources due in section (10 points).
  • Week 10 (March 29-31): Annotated bibliography—a finalized list of primary and secondary sources for your essay and a 2-3 sentence summary for each (25 points).
  • Week 12 (Monday, April 10): Introductory paragraph and thesis uploaded to Canvas by 9 AM and a hard copy must also be handed in at the start of lecture (25 points).
  • Week 14 (Monday, April 24). Paper two due. You must upload the paper to Canvas by 9 AM and a hard copy must be handed in at the start of lecture (200 points).