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Paper Two Instructions

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Dr. Griswold Paper Two Instructions Spring 2017 One of the goals of this course is to teach you how to assess historical documents critically and to write a sophisticated research paper.  On explorehistory.ou.edu, we provide you with a wealth of information, including on-line tutorials, to help you become a proficient researcher and writer.  I cannot [...]

Paper One Assignment

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Professor Robert Griswold (History 1493--020) The first paper is based on documents from what is called the “Triangle Factory Fire” of 1911, a tragedy that took the lives of 146 garment workers, mostly young Italian and Eastern European immigrant women. These documents are available from a website published by Cornell University and can be found [...]

1493 Primary Source Collections

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The following websites provide collections of related primary sources which students can utilize in their research paper in History 1493. Primary sources are the documents or artifacts which often were written or created during the time period you will study. Other documents were produced later by historical participants, perhaps as interviews, oral histories, or memoirs. [...]

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