1. The Great Depression and the New Deal

Primary Source 
Speech: Franklin Roosevelt, “Inaugural Address,” March 4, 1933 » Read
Speech: Franklin Roosevelt, “Fireside Chat on the Banking Crisis,” March 12, 1933 » Read

Secondary Source 
Article: Christina Romer, “What Ended the Great Depression?” The Journal of Economic History » Read

2. The Nation Confronts the Great Depression

Primary Source 
Book Chapter: John Steinbeck, Chapter 2, The Harvest Gypsies » Read (requires 4×4 login)

Secondary Source 
Book Chapter: Caroline Bird, “The Nation Confronts the Great Depression,” Social Fabric: American Life from the Civil War to the Present » Read (requires 4×4 login)

3. John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath in Oklahoma

Primary Source 
Article: “Guymon Prepares to Shame Grapes,” The Daily Oklahoman » Read

Secondary Source 
Article: Martin Staples Shockley, “The Reception of the Grapes of Wrath in Oklahoma,” American Literature » Read

4. The Dust Bowl

Primary Source (Images: FSA photos on the Dust Bowl at Library of Congress)
Migrant Mother by Dorothea Lange, 1936 » View
Dust Bowl Refugee from Chickasaw County, Oklahoma by Dorothea Lange, 1934 » View
One of the Pioneer Women of the Oklahoma Panhandle by Arthur Rothstein, 1936 » View
Dust Bowl Farmer Raising Fence, Cimarron County, OK by Arthur Rothstein, 1936 » View
Abandoned Farm, Dust Bowl OK by Rothstein, 1936 » View
Squatters along Highway near Bakersfield by Lange, 1935 » View
Oklahoma Dust Bowl Refugees, San Fernando, CA by Lange, 1935 » View
Home of Dust Bowl Refugee, Imperial Valley by Lange, 1937 » View
Farmer and Sons walking in face of dust storm, Cimarron County by Rothstein, 1936 » View

Secondary Source 
Book Chapter: Donald Worster, “Hard Times in the Panhandle,” Dust Bowl: The Southern Plain in the 1930s. (Chapter 8) » Read (requires 4×4 login)