The second paper for this course is due at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, April 28 in the Canvas dropbox for your section of HIST 1493. The entire assignment is worth 250 points. Fifty of those points come from the homework assignments for the second paper as listed on the syllabus, and the other 200 points are from the paper itself. The first homework assignment is the evidence log, which is due in discussion section during week 9 (March 13-15) and is worth 25 points. The second homework assignment is the introductory paragraph, which is due in section week 13 (April 10-12) and is also worth 25 points. The second essay is the most heavily weighted grade item of the course, and it is therefore imperative that students complete all homework assignments on time, consult with the instructor and/or section leaders about the topic and research, and complete the essay according to instructions.

Students may write a paper using any of the primary source collections found here: These collections cover many of the topics we discuss in class. Students should choose one primary source collection and, after choosing sources that can be analyzed together to form a coherent, persuasive argument, select roughly 6-10 sources to use in the final paper. Depending on the type of primary sources used, your essay may include more or fewer than the suggested range.

There is also an option for students to use the archives located in the Western History Collection on OU’s campus for their papers instead of using the online primary source collections. Students interested in pursuing this option should contact their discussion leader as soon as possible, as attendance at an orientation session is required.

Your final paper must also use at least one secondary source such as a scholarly book or article. You can find secondary source guides here: Students can also consult Dr. Schumaker or the University librarian for history, Laurie Scrivener,  at

The final paper should be approximately 2000 words, which is twice the length of the first paper. It should be framed by a clear introductory paragraph, include a strong and persuasive thesis statement, and contain good transition and topic sentences that frame paragraphs that thoughtfully analyze the primary and secondary source material. Citations should include properly formatted footnotes that use Chicago Style. The paper should be double-spaced and typed in 12-point font with one-inch margins and page numbers.

Students should consult the Chicago Manual of Style as they compose footnotes. Helpful guidelines for Chicago-style citations can be found here:

Students should work closely with their section leaders to ensure that they are adhering to the research guidelines for the paper. Unauthorized collaboration between students on the assignment is considered inappropriate and will be reported to the Office of Academic Integrity. The final work must be your own.