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Hist 1483 Paper Two

//Hist 1483 Paper Two

The New Nation

Hist 1483 Paper Two, Pairings|

1. Andrew Jackson’s Vision for America Primary Source  Two letters by Andrew Jackson: A) Andrew Jackson’s Letter to John Sevier, October 9, 1803 » Read (requires 4x4 login) B) “Andrew Jackson to ‘Brave Tennesseans’" in Whig Extra, 1813 » Read Secondary Source Fred Anderson and Andrew Cayton, “Jackson’s Vision: Creating a Populist Empire,” The Dominion of War (Chapter 5) » Read [...]

Revolutionary America

Hist 1483 Paper Two, Pairings|

1. The Working Class in Revolutionary America Primary Source Brutus, “To the Free and Loyal Inhabitants of the City of New York,” » Read Secondary Source Alfred F. Young, George Robert Twelves. “A Boston Shoemaker and the Memory of the American Revolution,” The William and Mary Quarterly  » Read 2. The Promise of Freedom: The Role of Slavery in [...]

Colonial America

Hist 1483 Paper Two, Pairings|

1. Food and Authority in Colonial America Primary Source Captain John Smith,”The generall historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Isles: with the names of the adventurers, planters, and governours from their…”  » Read Note: Once you access the source, click on the title and read from page 105-106. Secondary Source Michael A. Lacombe, “A continuall and [...]