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Research Paper Assignment

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Professor Brosnan, HIST 1493—030 This research paper will be approximately 2000 words (about 6-7 pages). Primary Sources You will identify evidentiary sources for your research paper by using one of the approved online primary source collections found at http://explorehistory.ou.edu/1493-primary-source-collections/. If you wish to use a different primary source collection, check with your Discussion Leader [...]

Hist 1493-030 (Prof. Schumaker): Paper Two

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Kathryn Schumaker Second Paper Guidelines The second paper for this course is due Thursday, April 14 at noon in the D2L dropbox (and in hard copy, for Ms. Peñuelas’s sections). The entire assignment is worth 250 points. Fifty of those points come from the homework assignments for the second paper as listed on the syllabus, [...]

Hist 1493-030 (Prof. Schumaker): Paper One

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Kathryn Schumaker Overview The papers in this course are exercises in research and writing. They are designed to enhance both analytical and communication skills and to provide a deeper understanding of history. First Paper: Primary Sources A short essay based on the set of primary sources provided on the D2L site and on the accompanying [...]

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