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Research Paper Instructions

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History 1483, Section 010 – Kruer, Spring 2017 This assignment is an original research paper of approximately 2,000 words, or six to seven double-spaced pages. In the process of writing this paper you will learn and then demonstrate the essential skills of the historian: defining a research question, gathering evidence, interpreting sources, and articulating an [...]

1483 Primary Source Collections

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The following websites provide collections of related primary sources which students can utilize in their research paper in History 1483. Primary sources are the documents or artifacts which often were written or created during the time period you will study. Other documents were produced later by historical participants, perhaps as interviews, oral histories, or memoirs. [...]

Hist 1483-Section 010: Paper One

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Matthew Kruer Overview The papers in this course are exercises in research and writing. They are designed to enhance both analytical and communication skills and provide a deeper understanding of the interpretive function of thinking about and studying history. First Paper: Primary Sources The first paper is a short essay based on the primary sources [...]

Hist 1483-Section 010: Paper Two

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Catherine Kelly Second Paper: Research Essay The second paper builds on the skills that were introduced in the first paper. This assignment begins with the pairing of a primary document and a secondary work drawn from the list provided on the course website. For example, you might choose a pairing like the following: Primary Document: [...]

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